Environmental and Social Sustainability Policy

As at 01 January 2011

Te Mahurehure Cultural Marae Society Inc has a commitment that wherever possible our Marae should be conducted to the ideal of best environmental practise.

This ideal satisfies the desires of Executives, Management, Staff and whanau to provide guests with a home away from home that leaves as little negative mark on the environment as is reasonably possible.

To this end, an environmental committee has been established which meets regularly to discuss and address the environmental awareness action plan.

The action plan is derived from industry information, Ministry guidance, Qualmark regulation and original thought from the team members themselves and is measured by the following key performance indicators:

  • Achieve the relevant Qualmark certification.
  • Minimise waste through review of packaging materials accepted into the marae and to re-use and recycle such packaging where possible.
  • Increase energy efficiency where this does not adversely impact on our guests.
  • Reduce water usage where this does not adversely impact on our guests.
  • To regularly review our suppliers to better understand the process wherein they work to adopt best practices for their relevant industries and have as little impact on the environment by way of proximity to us as is practicable.
  • Limit the use of hazardous substances to an absolute minimum ensuring that where there is no viable alternative such use complies with our health and safety policy and that safe storage of these chemicals is a priority.

Te Mahurehure Marae will display its environmental policy publicly and the environmental action plan will be available upon request to any interested parties.

Our Social Responsibility programme is delivered through unwavering support of the local community by way of our Charitable status; constant support of local area fundraising through donations; gifting of surplus items such as produce,equipment, koha and financial support .

Tracey Panapa
Marae Operations Manager